Sad Scale for iPhone

Understanding that you have signs of depression, and not just bad mood, weak character, or individualistic personality, is very important, and that is the first step on the long way to recovery. It is hard to make the first step and develop the objective insight on your own mental state. The application, available on iPhone, will help you to make it. You can screen yourself with several popular questionnaires and get yourself more or less clear picture of your condition. Needless to say, that this application is not a diagnosis, it is just a food for thoughts and may be stimuli to make appointment with the therapist to check your suspicions.

PPD Scale

Major depression affects five percent of the U.S population. It is believed that 10-15% of women will suffer postpartum depression (PPD) after the birth of a baby. PPD can lead to marital tension, suicide, and infanticide. This application contains the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale which is a simple questionnaire that you can take. The advantage of having this test available on your iPhone is that you will be able to test yourself and store the results for your doctor. The results can be emailed. The program will save the last 30 entries.

Zung Self-Rating Depression scale

The Zung depression questionnaire contains 20 questions. This is a widely used screening tool. The user can take the test over and over. It will store your results so that you can share with your physician. The application will only keep track of one patient at a time. The tool should be used in conjunction with your health care provider. Sometimes patients do not realize that they are getting more depressed or having signs of depression. The goal of the application is to raise awareness of this disease and to help patients seek medical care.

Zung scale cannot take the place of a comprehensive clinical interview for confirming a diagnosis of depression. The Zung scale also provides a simple tool for monitoring changes in depression severity over time in research studies.

Geriatric Depression Scale
Geriatric Depression Scale this is a depression scale that has 15 questions and allows the user to keep track of the score and also allows the user to email the results to their healthcare provider.
The main goal is to increase awareness of depression and to have patients seek medical care early.

Based on the initial findings, you have a preliminary data; you can show to your health care provider and ask how you can use this tool as part of your tracking your symptoms. Also, you can take a picture of your graph if you prefer and then email it to your health care provider. In order to take pictures of screens please read instructions on our website.

Please seek professional help if you are worried about depression or would like a full medical evaluation.

System requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 2.2 or later.

Cost: $0.99

Rating: 3 out of 5


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