Aurora depression self-test

Aurora depression self-test is very simple and very fast self-administrated test to identify early signs of depression. It is definitely not intended to replace standard diagnostics, and should not be accepted as the decisive verdict on your health state. However, same is with other tests, it should be considered as “alarm” if your results pass the warning threshold, and should be used as reasoning point to seek therapist appointment for clarification.

Please answer 11 questions based on how you have been feeling for the period of the previous two weeks. Please be honest with yourself as much as possible. Note that if you indeed you have signs of depression, denial and rejection will not help you to get over, as the earlier caught disease has the best chances to offer full and painless recovery. Suppressed depression will not disappear by itself, and self-medication through OTC medications, alcohol, and drugs, may make the matter worse.

Note that this questionnaire have two options to answer each question: Yes and No. Record your answers for the later assessment.

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1. Have you been feeling sad, depressed or down most of the time?

2. Have you been less interested and less able enjoy the things that once gave you pleasure?

3. Have you felt tired or without energy most of the time?

4. Have you had trouble sleeping or do you sleep too much?

5. Have you found it difficult to concentrate or make decisions?

6. Have you had an increase or decrease in appetite or weight?

7. Have you had feelings of worthlessness or guilt?

8. Have you felt frightened or panicky for no apparent reason at all?

9. Have you felt restless and found it difficult to sit still?

10. Have you been feeling anxious or worried?

11. Have you felt like you just cannot go on, or had thoughts or death or dying?              

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1. If you answer "YES" to 5 or more of these questions, bring this self-test to your therapist or your primary physician. This test alone cannot determine if you have depression, only a doctor can.
2. If you have had recurring thoughts of death or suicide, contact your doctor regardless of how you have answered the other questions.


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