Miller Self-Evaluation Depression Test

Larry R. Miller is neither researcher, nor clinical therapist. He is a freelance writer, photographer and webmaster. I would like to offer your attention the self-evaluation depression test, developed by him. While it does not have world-wide recognition of the psychotherapists’ community, it might still be useful to you for the enemy identification purposes.

As you understand, the following is a self screening test only and should not be used in place of professional help.

Test Instructions

Read and evaluate each question carefully before scoring. Each of the 20 questions has 4 answering options. Think about the option that fits the best. Be honest with yourselves. Use the numbers to score each question, guided by the following criteria:

0: You very rarely or never feel as described
1: You occasionally feel as described
2: You have the feeling twice a month or more
3: You feel as described most of the time or constantly.

Self-Evaluation Questions
A: I have problems making decisions (0 1 2 3).
B: I’m always tired (0 1 2 3).
C: Nothing, including my favorite pastimes, really excites me anymore (0 1 2 3).
D: If something goes wrong I feel it’s my fault (0 1 2 3).
E: Sex doesn’t interest me (0 1 2 3).
F: I’m unhappy with the way I look (0 1 2 3).
G: I’m not happy with where life is taking me ands I see no change in my future (0 1 2 3).
H: I have trouble going to sleep (0 1 2 3).
I: I think about committing suicide (0 1 2 3).
J: I worry about everything, including things out of my control (0 1 2 3).
K: I only stay at my present job because I have bills and no other income (0 1 2 3).
L: I cry for no apparent reason (0 1 2 3).
M: My day to day life gives me no satisfaction (0 1 2 3).
N: Compared to others, I feel I’m a failure (0 1 2 3).
O: I know my physical appearance is getting worse (0 1 2 3).
P: I always feel mentally exhausted (0 1 2 3).
Q: I never feel really happy (0 1 2 3).
R: I’m sensitive to criticism and have a hard time letting it go (0 1 2 3).
S: I’m irritable with others, including family and friends, for no reason (0 1 2 3).
T: I prefer not to be around other people (0 1 2 3).

Test Scoring
Add up your score and refer to the following chart.
20-29 – No signs of depression, or possible mild depression.
30-40 - Suggests moderate depression. A consultation with your health care provider would be in order to discuss possible causes.
40 and over - Indicates definite need for professional help and guidance.


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