Good Days Ahead: The Interactive Program for Depression and Anxiety

After reading self-help books based on cognitive therapy I decided to apply my new skills. Instead of doing exercises on paper I wanted to have them organized and easily accessible on my computer so I was looking for a computer program to help me. Good Days Ahead has helped me with that and much more - it helped me recognize my automatic thoughts and track my depression and anxiety level. After several weeks the program has shown that my mood improved and I was able to feel it too! Despite minor technical shortcomings multimedia features of this program make using it fun and easy.
Peter Toll

Good Days Ahead is the first computer program to combine the power of interactive multimedia with scientifically tested therapy methods for fighting depression and anxiety. This innovative self-help program gives you practical tools for building self-esteem, controlling your moods, and coping with stress.  Good Days Ahead is full of engaging videos and empowering self-help exercises.  The program is designed to help you tap your inner strengths to overcome your problems.

The program has a number of interactive scenarios designed to promote discovery of the patients inner strengths and is especially helpful in teaching users core beliefs because it is using highly stimulation multimedia learning experience that can point the way to cognitions, not apparent on the surface. Also, this computer-assisted CBT employs learning enhancement techniques that promote rehearsal and recall.

In a controlled study of computer-assisted CBT versus standard CBT, it was found that patients who use the Good Days Ahead computer program had greater improvement in scores on the Dysfunctional Attitude Scale than those who received standard CBT.

Written by leading experts, including Jesse H. Wright, M.D. (author of Getting Your Life Back: The Complete Guide to Depression) and Aaron T. Beck, M.D. winner of the Heinz Award and author of many acclaimed books including Cognitive Therapy of Depression) this computer program brings you the best self-help methods for depression in an easy-to-use, interactive format.

Features of Good Days Ahead

- Helps you take action now to solve problems and start feeling good again
- Teaches you how to change negative thinking and become a more effective person
-  Based on clinically proven methods from cognitive therapy
- The most extensively tested non-drug treatment for   depression and anxiety.
- Measures your moods and keeps track of your progress
- Highly realistic videos demonstrate ways to overcome depression and anxiety
- Interactive exercises help you gain skills in using the effective self-help methods of cognitive therapy
- Engaging and easy to use multimedia format on DVD-ROM


The Good Days Ahead DVD-ROM requires a personal computer with a 500MHz Pentium III series (or above) processor, 64MB RAM, 300MB available hard drive space, a DVD-ROM drive, sound card, and a set of external speakers or headphones.

Note: This program will not work on a DVD video player or a computer with a CD-ROM drive only.


MindStreet™ is a multimedia company that focuses on development of interactive computer programs for behavioral medicine. The goal of MindStreet™ is to provide multimedia self-help programs that can improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of behavioral health care.


You can get a feeling if this software is right to you, checking the Demo session on the company website:


Cost of the program is $70.


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