How to consult with your iPhone if you have depression?

This year, Ezvid Inc. has released the "Do I Have Depression?" application. This application is a psychological questionnaire and basic analysis system for non-medical use only. "Do I Have Depression?" addresses concerns many people may have of themselves and their friends and loved ones. The app will help to distinguish if the medical condition can be determined as clinical depression, or it can be considered as normal mood fluctuations.

Please be sure not to perceive this application as replacement for professional care. It is definitely NOT. If you feel that your personal, or your loved one medical condition is somehow out of the ordinary, please consult with professional therapist. And this app might just help you to make up your mind and turn to the doctor for psychological assistance.

The application asks the user a set of 34 questions based on a rubric developed by clinical professionals, on topics ranging from sleep disturbance, mood destabilization and interpersonal relationships, to eating habits, work productivity, and more.

The questions are the same as those commonly found on accepted psychological questionnaires based on research and used by mental health professionals. As the website suggests, it can be useful to take the test once a week for a while to establish consistency, but it’s worth repeating that if you believe you are suffering from depression, it’s best to walk away from this app and seek help from professional resources.

You cannot imagine of how many people suffer symptoms of depression, but yet they are often unaware of the implications of their symptoms. Sometimes, the cultural, gender, or religious considerations prevent them from accepting that, and consequently, the medical treatment comes too late to make the substantial improvement to the health and wellbeing. Years and years are lost in blues, while the normal life is passing by.

Usage of this application on a sustained basis for at least 6 weeks, when paired with proper note-taking, will shed light on self-diagnosed feelings of sadness, sorrow, worry, guilt, and hopelessness. This is a comprehensive self-test application, however it is not a medical device, so do not rely solely on the outcomes for making decision to seek medical assistance.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later
* Available for $.99 from the iTunes Store.

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