Depression Application for Android from AppCounselor

If you possess Android smart phone, the handy tool to assist you coping with depression can be always with you. Depression app will help you to learn skills to reduce your depression and diminish devastating effects of its symptoms.

All material, presented for the app development was written by a licensed psychotherapist (LCSW) with twenty-five years of counseling experience.

At the first step, the app will help to assess your emotional condition. You first rate the intensity of your depressive symptoms on a color coded scale from 1 (slightly upset) to 10 (extremely depressed). If you rate your depression at level 8 or below, the app will proceed to the Change Thoughts Menu. From the Change Thoughts Menu, select one or more of the strategies for changing your thoughts. Changing your feelings by changing your thoughts is the basis of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy (CBT), the most widely practiced evidence based method of treatment. When ready, proceed to Step 2.

If you rate your depression as a 9 or 10 (very or extremely depressed), you will be brought to the Safety Screen that will assist you with suggestions for maintaining safety. After that screen, you can proceed to the Change Thoughts menu to choose additional exercises. When you have completed the thought changing strategies of your choice, proceed to Step 2.

In Step 2 select methods for making Lifestyle Changes that will reduce depression.

After following the instructions for the Lifestyle Changes, you then move to the third set of skills in Step 3 Stress Management, where you will select one of ten different relaxation strategies for managing stress.

After implementing those skills, you rate the level of depression again in Step 4 to determine if the skills you chose were effective for you. If the level of the depression has not reduced sufficiently, you will be given the opportunity to try again, selecting a different skill set.

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